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Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced Short Course


This course incorporates some new features and connectivity options in efforts to make collaboration and production as easy as possible. The course is intended to help all users get up to speed on the different aspects of Excel, including some of its more advanced features. We will cover how to automate worksheet functionality, audit worksheets, analyse data, work with multiple workbooks, export Excel data, as well as import and export XML data.
By the end of this course, students should be comfortable with automating worksheet functionality, auditing worksheets, using a variety of different analysis tools, working effectively with multiple workbooks, exporting Excel data, as well as importing and exporting XML data to and from a workbook.
The course is broken up into six lessons. Each lesson focuses on several key topics, each of which are broken down into easy-to-follow concepts. At the end of each topic, you will be given an activity to complete. At the end of each lesson, we will summarise what has been covered and provide a few review questions for you to answer.


What does the Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced Course include?
  • A comprehensive training manual
  • Exercise files
  • Case studies
  • Skill sharpener exercises
  • Assessments
The course is delivered via self paced flexible distance learning which means we provide you with everything you need to study the course via our online training system and there is no classroom attendance required. Students are able to work through the short course at their own pace.
At the completion of this course you should be able to:
  • Create advanced formulas
  • Analyse Data with Logical and Lookup Functions
  • Organise and Analysing Datasets and Tables
  • Visualise Data with Charts
  • Analyse Data with PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts
  • Insert Graphics
  • Enhance Workbooks
This manual assumes the user has completed or has an understanding of the materials covered in the Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate course or similar, including: Using absolute, relative, and mixed references,Using formulas and functions in a worksheet, Managing and organising worksheets,Editing and formatting Excel data, Printing and saving Excel files & Customising the Excel interface.

Course Information

  • Course Guide
  • Learning Outcomes
    This level explores the advanced features in in Excel 2016. Students will cover how to automate worksheet functionality, audit worksheets, analyse data, work with multiple workbooks, export Excel data and import/export XML data.
    Automating Worksheet Functionality
    This lesson gives students the skills to dig into automating worksheet functionality. Along the way they will learn how to update worksheet properties, create and edit a macro, apply conditional formatting, and add data validation criteria to a workbook.

    Auditing Worksheets
    This lesson digs deeper into worksheets and students will learn here how to: trace cells, troubleshoot invalid data and formula errors, watch and evaluate formulas, and create a data list online.

    Analysing and Presenting Data
    Now that your students are very well versed in worksheets, it’s time to move into a deeper look at data with this lesson. Students will learn here how to: create Spark lines, create scenarios, perform a what-if analysis, perform statistical analysis with the Analysis Tool Pak, and create interactive data with Power View.

    Working with Multiple Workbooks
    Often times, users of Excel will be juggling multiple workbooks at once and this lesson takes a look at that skill. This lesson will teach students how to: consolidate data, link cells in different workbooks, and merge workbooks.

    Exporting Excel Data
    Your students have their data and they want to export it, well they can learn about that here. This lesson covers how to: export Excel data, import an delimited text file, integrate Excel data with the web, and create a web query.

    Importing and Exporting XML Data
    This course wraps up here with this lesson showing your students how to import and export XML data.


  • Units of Study

    See the Unit Description Page for a full course overview.

    Lesson 1: Automating Worksheet Functionality
    Topic A: Update Workbook Properties
    Topic B: Create and Edit a Macro
    Topic C: Apply Conditional Formatting
    Topic D: Add Data Validation Criteria
    Lesson 2: Auditing Worksheets
    Topic A: Trace Cells
    Topic B: Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
    Topic C: Watch and Evaluate Formulas
    Topic D: Create a Data List Outline
    Lesson 3: Analysing and Presenting Data
    Topic A: Create Sparklines
    Topic B: Create Scenarios
    Topic C: Perform a What-If Analysis
    Topic D: Perform a Statistical Analysis with ToolPak
    Topic E: Create Interactive Data with Power View
    Lesson 4: Working with Multiple Workbooks
    Topic A: Consolidate Data
    Topic B: Link Cells in Different Workbooks
    Topic C: Merge Workbooks
    Lesson 5: Exporting Excel Data
    Topic A: Export Excel Data
    Topic B: Import a Delimited Text File
    Topic C: Integrate Excel Data with the Web
    Topic D: Create a Web Query
    Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting XML Data
    Topic A: Import and Export XML Data



  • Pricing

    Microsoft Online Short Courses 

    Course Price -  $195 Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced

    Payment Options - Invoice. Direct Deposit, Visa MasterCard and American Express.

    Please note that Visa & MasterCard attract a 1.5% surcharge & American Express attracts a 2.5% surcharge

    Multiple courses can be enrolled into.

  • Student Support
  • Assessments

    You work through the Training Manual at your own pace and complete the quizzes when you are ready. This allows you to progress through the course at a pace that suits your needs. You have 12 months in which to submit your assessments for marking.

  • Requirements

    Students engage in and complete their short course training via our TBST Learning Management System - LMS 

    Our online Learning Management System - LMS - provides students with a more streamlined method of working through their courses by allowing students to login and access all current course files in the one universal location. The LMS has been designed so that students can work through course units in chronological order. Students will always have access to the most up-to-date course content and all updates to course content will be distributed to all students immediately via the LMS.

    The LMS includes:
    • TBST Administration Documents
    • A comprehensive training manual
    • Exercise files
    • Case studies
    • Skill sharpener exercises
    • Quick reference guide
    • Assessments
    Students are able to work through the short course at their own pace.


  • Course Commencement

    Course enrolments can commence at any time after the enrolment process is completed.

    This course is a self paced distance learning training course. Students have 12 months to complete the training. Students work through the workbook, practice the material learnt and then complete the assessments.
    Due to the flexibility there is a lower drop out rate thus saving students time and money invested in their desired outcomes. In addition, flexible adult learning encourages students to continue the course at their own pace without restrictions as to when and how they complete the course. Therefore, students are able to continue their life roles and incorporate their study into time slots that suit their lifestyles. This also allows those that are working either as an employee, subcontractor or owner/operator to continue to earn money or charge for billable hours, which further serve to reduce the ʻrealʼ course costs. Students have 12 months in which to complete all of their assessments.
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