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Online Flexible Distance Learning

Develop your MYOB skills

If you’re a working professional, update your qualifications and gain the credentials and confidence you need to succeed.
All TBST courses are delivered by Online Distance Learning. The course content and assesments build and add value to your work-based activities. We support you along the way to help you achieve your goals. Start your journey towards a rewarding and successful future today!
MYOB is the industry standard accounting package. Our MYOB Courses are taught by fully accredited trainers who are industry experienced, working & qualified MYOB Certified Consultants. MYOB Software is included with your course materials.
Whether you are starting a new business, manage a current business, working as a bookkeeper or want to increase you employment skills the MYOB Distance Learning Course is designed for you.
Fulfil your potential and make the most of your investment in MYOB. Get MYOB training and gain the skills needed to express your ideas, solve problems and connect with people. Explore the MYOB training opportunities available with TBST.

MYOB Courses

Flexible and Practical Training

All courses are delivered via online self paced distance learning which means we provide you with everything you need to study the course via our online training system and there is no classroom attendance required. Students are able to work through the material at their own pace which allows you to progress through the course at a pace that suits your needs.

What does the MYOB Training Course include?

  • Comprehensive online training manuals
  • Additional course resources
  • MYOB student edition download
  • 12 months email support limited to course material
  • 1 Assessment Exams & a Certificate of Completion

Industry Focused Skills

Our MYOB Short Courses allow both individuals and organisations of any size to enhance the skills of their teams and employees at a great value and minimising project downtime by allowing your employees to train wherever they are, as their schedules allow, in a comprehensive learning environment with high-quality self-paced training.
With TBST's short courses you can update your skills and gain the confidence you need to succeed. Study from the Fundamentals Level through to Payroll and onto an Advanced Levels of training. Gain and build skills that increase your personal and business productivity with engaging practical training short course from TBST.
All TBST courses are offered by online distance learning. The course content builds and add value to your work-based activities. We support you along the way to help you achieve your goals. Start your journey towards a rewarding and successful future today. 

MYOB Short Course Enrolment Form

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MYOB Training Specialists

TBST is MYOB Approved Training Provider.

At TBST we train our student to meet & exceed the standard of skills essential to become a true industry specialist & achieve whatever goals they seek. At TBST we train our students to be professionals.

Course Enrolments Include

BAS Agent Skill Set

We provide students with the qualification skill set required under the BAS Services Provider legislation

Flexible Distance Learning

Our flixible online distance learning training helps our students to manage the demands of work, family & study

Trained by Industry Professionals

Our students have dedicated professional trainers who are also working professional bookkeepers or accountants

MYOB Training for All Students

All training courses include full MYOB Training from basics to advanced including MYOB software