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BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration

This BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration course offers excellent foundation skills necessary to run a successful business that prides itself in professional representation and wishes to understand and implement sound financial management practices.

Students will also be trained proficiently in the use of current versions of MYOB as this accounting program is the leading and preferred software of choice of most business enterprises.

This course reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed administrative skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of administrative contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others.

The course is an in-depth study into essential business practices and software. Including the study of sound financial practices which incorporates the use of accounting software. The course utilises substantial practical and theoretical elements that will equip students with the necessary skills required to either run their own business or the business of others across all industries. TBST RTO# 22341

Course Information

  • Course Guide

    The BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration is delivered by flexible distance learning so you can study at home or work at your own pace & students are able to complete their qualification at a faster rate, but this will be dependent on the factors which include external commitments, relevant skills, knowledge and experience within the area of study and motivation and dedication to course studies and their outcome.

    Students are trained in the use of the current version of MYOB as part of this courses as MYOB is the leading and preferred software of choice of most business enterprises. 

    • Qualification - BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration - Nationally Recognised & Accredited
    • Student Support - Expert Trainers: Online, Email & Phone Support & Open Classroom Sessions
    • Delivery Method - Flexible Distance Learning - Online & Correspondance
    • Course Material - All Course Materials Provided Online - Including MYOB Software
    • Assessment - Practical Assignments & Workplace Simulations - NO Classroom Exams
    • Study Time - Self Paced eg 1 yr = 8 to 10 hrs/week
  • Fees

    All courses with a Course Fee value of over $2550 MUST be paid by our 6 Month interest fee payment plan.

    Single Qualification Courses
    • $425 x 6 monthly payments - FNS40215 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping
    • $425 x 6 monthly payments - FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting
    • $425 x 6 monthly payments - BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration
    BAS Agent Skill Set
    • $460 - Cert IV Payroll & Cert IV BAS IAS Units Only - FNSBKG405 & FNSBKG404
    Single Unit Enrolment
    • $230 - Per Unit - Single Unit Enrolments


  • Course Commencement

    Course enrolments can commence at any time after the enrolment process is completed.

  • Skills Obtained
    • Creation of professional and formatted documents and spreadsheets for business use
    • Full MYOB training
    • Implementation of professional and formatted business correspondence
    • Creation of professional marketing materials
    • Foundation accounting concepts and principals
    • Legislative framework as it applies to business including tax and GST compliance
    • Understanding financial reports and presentation to stakeholders
    • Utilising accounting software to keep the businesses accounting/banking records & intellectual property protected & up to date
    • Comprehension of more complex business transactions and how these are accounted for in your business
    • Business structures – their advantages and disadvantages
    • Preparing, creating and incorporating budgetary requirements
    • Understand and incorporate job costing information
  • Who should do this course?

    This course offers excellent scope as an all round course in the foundation skills necessary to run a successful business that prides itself in professional representation and wishes to understand and implement sound financial management practices.

    This course is suitable for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. The successful completion of this course will enable students to consider incorporating what they have learnt into their own business or in the management and employ of other businesses. This course is best suited to those that are either in business and require further understanding of essential business and financial practices, and/or employees of businesses that are required to deal with financial data as part of their administrative role, but do not intend to enter the Financial Services industry.

  • Assessment

    Assessments are completed for each unit and utilise a variety of techniques to indicate the student has attained competency. All assessments are assignment based and students are NOT required to attend physical exams.

    Example assessment methods may include the following:

    • Multiple choice questions
    • Short answer questions
    • Workplace based observations and tasks
    • Research studies and analysis
    • Case studies and problem solving analysis
    • Report writing
    • Numeric calculations
    • Practical activities and completion of tasks with industry relevant software such as MYOB, Microsoft Office, email etc.

    Each student assessment is relevant and practical in its application, and whenever possible, relates back to real-life scenarios. Students will be provided with study and assessment support from their course tutor whom is industry experienced, qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of the course material.

  • Course Materials Included

    Included with your course you will receive:

    • Access to TBST Student Learning Management System - LMS
    • Student policies and procedures manual online
    • Student assessment and study guide online
    • Manual bookkeeping to trial balance workbook online
    • Working in the Financial Services Industry workbook online
    • 10 individual unit workbooks online
    • MYOB student edition software
    • MYOB Asset manager student edition software
    • Student membership with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (fee applies)
    • Additional course resources, assessments, PowerPoint presentations, MYOB course practice and assessment files, submission cover sheets, video and audio files.

    Learning Management System - LMS
    Our online Learning Management System - LMS provides students with a more streamlined method of working through your Certificate IV Qualification by allowing students to login and access all current course files in the one universal location. The LMS has been designed so that students can work through course units in chronological order as per the students Training Plan. Students will always have access to the most up-to-date course content for all qualification. All updates to course content will be distributed to all students immediately via the LMS.

    The LMS includes:

    • TBST Administration Documents
    • Webinar Recordings
    • MYOB Data Files
    • Resource Documents
    • Practice Exercise Files
    • Assessments


  • Course Duration

    Students have 12 months to complete this qualification. This course is a self paced distance learning training course. We would expect that you will spend at least 90 hours reading and working through the course material. You will then need to practice the material you have learnt and work through your assessments.

    Due to this flexibility there is a lower drop out rate thus saving students time and money vested in their desired outcomes. In addition, flexible adult learning encourages students to continue the course at their own pace without restrictions as to when and how you complete the course. Therefore, students are able to continue their life roles and incorporate their study into time slots that suit their lifestyles. This also allows those that are working either as an employee or subcontractor to continue to earn money or charge for billable hours, which further serve to reduce the ʻrealʼ course costs. Students have 12 months in which to complete all of their assessments.

  • Prerequisites
    • Basic computer skills
    • Basic Microsoft Office skills
    • Access to the Microsoft Office suite of programs (either PC or Macintosh).
    • A basic calculator and stationery
    • PC or Mac – minimum system requirements & loaded with current versions of: Quicktime, Adobe Reader & access to the internet & email programs.
    • Ensure that you have read and understood the TBST Student Handbook
    • Ensure that you have read and understood the Policies and Procedures contained in the Student Handbook

  • Units of Study

    BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration
    10 Units of Study - 12 Months Completion Time

    FNSACC301 - Process financial transactions and extract interim reports
    BSBSMB412 - Introduce cloud computing into business operations
    BSBFIA401 - Prepare financial reports
    FNSACC402 - Prepare Operational Budgets
    BSBITU402 - Develop and use complex spreadsheets
    FNSACC406 - Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
    BSBITU401 - Design and develop complex text documents
    BSBADM405 - Organise meetings
    BSBWRT401 - Write complex documents
    BSBFIA402 - Report on financial activity 
  • Unit Description

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