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At TBST we pride ourselves in assisting all students to gain the bookkeeping, accounting, MYOB and buniness administration knowledge they need, when they need it, to drive small, medium and large sized businesses successfully. With specialised and dynamic bookkeeping training courses available, we have a 'can-do' attitude that is approachable, professional and our clients’ confidentiality is assured. Our training course quality is backed by the highest quality TBST student support, knowledge and industry experience.

Cath Murphy
Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping, Accounting & Business Administration
Thank you for your support through my triple Certificate IV which I have now finished and received the last Certificate last Monday. I would like to put a 'BIG' thank you out to you. You have my recommendation to anyone who wishes to study with you. Very comprehensive courses and well worth the time and effort. And thanks to doing the course, I now have my dream job. The current one is superb and I get to utilise everything I have mastered in the course. Cheers and thanks again.

Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping, Accounting & Business Administration
Earlier this year I successfully completed the triple Certificate IV in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Business Administration and have pleasure in highly recommending TBST to anyone who is considering starting a career or furthering their education in the business & finance industry.

As a stay-at-home mum for 10 years I knew I needed to get back into the workforce but had little confidence and limited flexibility about how I could further my education to assist me in gaining employment. The beauty of training with TBST is that you can do the majority of your study at home and attend a classroom session when needed to gain that one-on-one attention. The staff at TBST are very kind, patient, knowledgeable and encouraging - they can handle it all! I am currently employed as a bookkeeper for a Not-for-Profit business and keep all my TBST study folders with me on my desk - they are invaluable to me. I never thought I would be a bookkeeper but what a fantastic and flexible job to have, especially if you have children. I have friends who have bookkeeping experience but they don't have the same knowledge base as I do now. I believe you can only get that knowledge from learning with TBST. The place to gain accredited industry based knowledge from caring and personable staff is with Total Business Services & Training.

Karen Parkinson
Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping & Accounting
I commenced my dual Certificate 4 in Bookkeeping and Accounting by distance learning in November 2012. After having steady employment for a very long period, I was suddenly faced with having to look for employment again. When I was looking at advertised jobs I noticed that 1 in 5 advertised positions required a minimum of certificate 4 in bookkeeping or accounting. Having no formal qualifications to accompany many years of experience, I then decided it would be in my best interest to complete a certificate 4. After investigating many training companies I decided to commence with TBST. I found Gavin and the staff very helpful when inquiring about their courses and was very pleased they advised me about the dual certificates. There are only an additional 4 units required to complete both certificates. The workbooks are easy to follow, webinars informative, and I have found the staff in the assessment department very helpful with any questions. Emails and assessment checkpoints are answered the same day and assessments are marked quickly and results emailed to me. Within a week I can view my assessment in detail on my wisenet account. I have not attended any classroom days only because I work during the week however I’m pleased TBST offered this service for students.

With completing my studies at home I can work at my own pace and currently only have a few units left to complete. I am happy to recommend TBST for any future students that may be looking at completing one of their courses.

Robyn Carter
Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping
Dear TBST. My first day as a Qualified Bookkeeper, thank you so much. After having a nasty experience enrolling with another well known Training Provider, I then went to the ICB website and found your name on their list of references for Training Providers. This should come as no surprise as from the moment I began dealing with TBST, it has been an absolute pleasure. If I had to choose one word to sum up my experience over the last eighteen months, it would be PROFESSIONAL. You have such a wonderful team of training staff and office people, who are always smiling and willing to help. Their extensive knowledge, support and guidance is always present and I am going to miss coming to the "Classroom Sessions". Thank you once more for enabling this middle aged Mum to gain a qualification and the self confidence to commence a new career. Kindest Regards.

Debbie Lever
Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping, Accounting & Business Administration
Clear, concise and well-presented courses. The modules were easy to work through and any questions were always answered in a prompt and friendly manner. The trainers give you lots on encouragement and the behind the scenes staff were always helpful. Thoroughly recommend TBST.

Jasmine O
Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping, Accounting & Business Administration
I certainly feel very confident with my accomplishments and have recently secured a position with a large company listed on the stock exchange. Where I probably wouldn't have had the confident to apply for this position in the past, as I did not have formal qualifications, after the courses I certainly did have the confidence. I now do budget forecasting and expense tracking for projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars and work directly under the Vice President. Even though I have this secure position I have also completed all the requirements and am also a registered BAS Agent. This gives me the freedom to pick up contract work if required.

Katherine Henry
Qualification - Certificate IV Bookkeeping, Accounting & Business Administration
Woohoo!!! .....Thanks TBST. Without blowing up my own tyres I haven't done accounting since year 12 (im 37) and have never touched MYOB before this course.. Yes I work hard and try to completely understand MYOBs workings BUT I also I have to say TBST have set this up in such a way that if you work hard and want to learn it's all there ... I don't know how to put it into words properly but its top class. This result has made my day!!

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